Ofsted/SEF/Exam Results

Over the last 5 years we have worked hard and developed the quality of teaching and learning across the school. The rapid and progressive improvements in whole school outcomes are a testament to this. Current in-school data indicates that the current Year 11 data for the summer of 2023 will again build upon the improvements shown with the forecast of achieving once again improved outcomes in all key progress measures.

2021/22 Data Analysis - Attainment 8 and Progress 8

2021/22 Data Analysis - English and Maths

Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.

After Honywood

100% of learners stayed in education or employment after leaving Honywood 2020/21. Details for Cohort 2021/22 will be published in February 2023.